SafetyIX is an Integrated Safety Information system that has been developed and tested over a number of years. Risk prevention, control and record keeping cannot be obtained if a system cannot deliver and validate information instantly.

Whether you are a director, executive officer or individual and the company requires you to have the ability to project manage people, check skills sets anywhere in the world within your group, direct leadership and teamwork, manage a crisis, record, investigate and minimise further risk any time and anywhere then SafetyIX from SIX.COM is the system for you.

Safety Information Exchange - Investigation Training Service

Allied to the Safety Information Exchange, (, Investigation training services is able through its partner Registered Training Organisation to provide all your investigation and risk assessment training needs.

Six-Its also provide pre-employment investigations (resume’ vetting) and background checks together with a one door information providing service called Check It. Using Check It you are able to access over 40 government and commercial information sources to provide fast convenient access to online information as well as eLodgement facilities for a number of Australian Courts. Other services include business processes involved in Court Lodgements and tracking, debt recovery, buying or selling of property, business start up, risk management, asset discovery and insurance claim processing.

Training solutions can be conducted totally on line or through face to face seminars and is provided by practicing investigators and industry professionals to a Nationally Recognised Level which results in Certification and Diploma’s. are industry leaders and instrumental in the designing and construction of the new Certificate IV Workplace Accident Investigation course recently accredited by NTIS Australia.


As the investigation arm of Six-its, Check-it™ provides fast and accurate access to employment background history checks as well as offering an information brokerage service. Check-it™ resume vetting services allows you to employ with confidence, while giving our commercial clients the confidence and assurance of knowing that their prospective employee is who he or she says they are. For more information on our resume vetting service go to the Resume Vetting overview page.

Check-it™ is also a commercial information provider to industry, providing online data information solutions which assist in allowing you to make informed business decisions. Check-it™ is the one-stop shop online portal for business-critical information requirements. We have access to more than 40 Government and commercial information sources and Check-it™ provides fast, convenient access to online data information.

Check-it™ can provide you with solutions to all your information needs helping you to streamline your business processes involving such things as debt recovery, buying or selling of property, asset discovery and insurance claim processing to name but a few

RiskMatrix is the world's most comprehensive resource for:

  • Business Continuity
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The portal represents the state of the art in terms of though leadership for specialists in these fields. Within these pages our content will keep you up-dated on the latest news, theories and methods of Risk Management from around the world. is the world's leading portal for Quality Expert Risk Management Information. will give you a one stop shop for all your Risk management needs and for a limited period we will be providing this content completely for free.

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OHSA: Occupatioanl Health Services Australia

OHSA has built an enviable reputation within Australian industry as leaders in the delivery of quality OH&S Systems, Consulting & Training, Mining & Construction Training, Injury Prevention, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics, Rehabilitation and Workplace Health & Well Being. Our regularly awarded Registered Training College we train up to 10,000 students annually through our Nationally Accredited OH&S, Mining & Construction Courses.

BAC: Body Active Consultancy

Body Active Consultancy (BAC) is a professional service in Australia, made up qualified and experienced exercise physiologists who specialise in the field of musculo-skeletal prevention, education and rehabilitation in industry.

Specifically there are two operating platforms firstly that of musculo-skeletal health including manual handling, working postures and sprain/strain prevention. Secondly is the area of health and well being and building the awareness and relationship between a healthy workforce and productivity.

BAC operates in specifically the mining, construction as well as the oil and gas industry areas.

This work has lead to the successful collaboration between BAC and a number of prominent individuals and institutions around Australia.